Monday, February 26, 2007


Chili dog turned 2 years old this week. Clearly, the "dressing your dog in costume" habit must be hereditary. Mom and Dad, even Trooper is humiliated when I make him play dress up. But Senor Chili looks psyched. What does that say about your dog?

I think all the excitement of the noisemakers and hats tuckered Chili out. Here he is with Mr. Leo taking a long winters nap. Makes me want to curl up with them.

And here we all are (except Barry... but if someone will send me her pic that will be promptly corrected). We had a fun playdate with friends from law school.... and all our lil munchkins. It was all fun and games until Hannah and Jackson started making out in the wagon. We need to keep our eyes on those two! Thanks to all of you for coming and to Kelly for providing the grand play room.


Anonymous said...

Are my eyes deceiving me or is Baby James wearing that vest outfit that I never thought he'd be big enough to wear. What a group of "cuties"! I want to know who won the 20 ft. crawl race????

Anonymous said...

It shows that he IS sophisticated and used to partying-on!!!....Dude