Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Place Where Miracles Happen
This link is to an article from US News and World Report documenting the best hospitals in America (TCH ranked 6th in the US for the type of procedure James underwent). This article features Dr. Fraser who performed James' surgery and is pictured below with an older female patient. This photograph brought back tearful memories as it is exactly how Baby James looked for 2 days following his surgery. We head back to the hospital on Tuesday for our first post-op visit. They will do a sedated echocardiogram to check the progress. We are hoping and praying for good news. We are optimistic because the lil rascal is crawling around like a madman and playing with everything in sight!

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Anonymous said...

I know everything will be fine with James. We'll be thinking about you guys Tuesday!

Auntie Sees