Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Moving Truck Has Arrived.

Ok... sorry for the delay in posts. James' moving van finally arrived and it's time for more pics!! Lots of news around here... we had a great New Years get-together with 4 mini-me's running around. James got some spankin new ear tubes which seem to enable him to (finally!) sleep consistently through the night. We've had our round of awesome 2-year Birthday parties (3 of James' future girlfriends!) AND for those of you who haven't heard... we're expecting another munchkin in June. Doc says he thinks it's a boy but Molly didn't think he was too convincing so we're waiting for sonogram #2 next week.
ALso we've learned that our dear little boy LOVES blueberries and HATES chocolate milk. He also likes foraging under the couch for forgotten cheerios and popping them in his mouth before either parents stands a chance. Good times.
Enjoy the pics. I know they're overdue!

A rare moment of silence on New Years Eve. Below Gaile entertains 3 of the 4. Meanwhile, Macy's loving on Trooper although she calls him Pooper.

Sweet Alexis and Macy.

BELOW: Pics of the ZOO!!!

Too bad you can't tell we're sitting in the parking lot - haven't even pulled out yet and the lil man is O-U-T.

But when we got home, there was still time for DRUM FRENZY. Thanks Grumps.

Oh, and did I mention the entire house was sick sick sick. We went through a LOT of kleenex. With special thanks to James for that one.

Ok, and somewhere around the way I read that you should take out the crib bumber or the kiddos are likely to repel down and out. WELL... don't believe everything you read! This is how James woke up after a long first nap without the bumper. Needless to say it was promptly replaced.

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Grumpy said...

Enjoy the drums, BUDDY!!! Make sure the volume is on MAX!
Love & XXX's