Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Great Vacate: T-Town

After a fantastic week relaxing at the lake, James, Bodie and I headed home to Topeka for more time with friends and family.

Girls night out with high school friends: (from left) Schawna Flood, me, Kristi Thompson and Margaret Rotert (who I've been friends with since kindygarten)!

Margaret and her mom watch over James and Amelia.

The 2 Grumpies.

Nana took us to ride the BIG train for her Birthday. Unfortunately, James is more entertained by looking at trains than riding them. The lil man became slightly unruly 15 minutes in.

Kiki demonstrates her artistic talents. Showoff. Too bad I have mastered the art of drawing choo-choos. She can practice lots before Thanksgiving.

Kitty Kitty. Kiki showing James the sites on Mass Street in Lawrence.

Nana and Grumpy on the little Topeka train.

Despite my attempt at bringing the mullet back, everyone has been pressuring me to chop off the darling curls. I miss them!!!!

Yes Colin and Paw. It was a union barber. Here's proof.

James helped the Birthday couple

While not always on the photo-op outings, Bodie made an excellent impression on his Kansas kinfolk. The lil dude is getting BIG!!!

James on the plane. Thomas the Train overload. I've decided a kid on a plane is the most spoiled child in the universe.

What's a trip to Kansas without a Wizard of Oz reference.

Look close - Bodie's also enjoying the park... and a rideo on the train!

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M and K said...

Freakin awesome pictures! LOL at the tinman! I hear a sweet! We miss you guys already.100 days EXACTLY until Thanksgiving!!!

- Aunt Kiki and Uncle Marco

James - "Jay-hok, Jay-hok"