Sunday, October 05, 2008


Ugh Not Again. We've had enough hurricanes -
We made the most of our evaucation and escaped Dullsville (aka Beaumont) for Jasper.
Cuz Lakin reading to James. He was chanting "ha ha ha Duck" all weekend.
Big JDM adn lil JDM
Daddy's little helper. ps - James needs to learn how to really smile.

Delivery for dad. Any idea what's in the ice chest?
Clearly, Bodie didn't miss a meal.

Miss Eva Gail came to stay for a few days. EG gave us the name "Bodie."
EG fixed us THE BEST sausage gravy we've ever had. YUM
James was eating just the grave with a spoon. Mommy was too when no one was looking.

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Anonymous said...

That Bodie is so chubby and adorable. He and his cuz Nora share the same chin.