Thursday, April 19, 2007

THanks to Nana and Grumpy... we miss you

Thanks to my Nana and Grumpy who came all the way from Kansas to spend the week with me. They sure know how to spoil... thank goodness Nana knew where Baby Gap was. I was sick of having absolutely nothing to wear, and now I have a brand new wardrobe! Baby J's parents are grateful too for all the help and fun times. When are you coming back?


Anonymous said...

To Baby James, from Grumpy...The reason I have such a BIG smile is that if you notice the photo on the refrig behind me, I am trying to outsmile John Edwards! Because I , like him, have an equal chance of winning the Demo nomination and am taking this photo op WITH a the cutest baby ever to further my cause.

Anonymous said...

We had the BEST time with Baby James, MaMa and DaDa...I miss EVERYTHING about being a hands-on grandma...seeing his special little smiles and watching his jumping athleticism are just a few!